Paulette Watson, Academy Achievers and STEM Academy Achievers Ghana
Paulette Watson
Founder and Managing Director
Academy Achievers and STEM Academy Achievers Ghana

Meet Paulette Watson, a trailblazing force in the digital revolution, passionately driving the charge for inclusivity in the era of Web 3.0. As the Founder and Managing Director of Academy Achievers and STEM Academy Achievers Ghana, Paulette aims to empower women, particularly those of black and diverse backgrounds, to excel in STEM-related fields. Her commitment to dismantling oppressive algorithms is deeply rooted in her journey of overcoming biases and discrimination. Paulette, an educated black woman, has faced and conquered challenges, and now she shares her experiences to educate and empower others. With expertise in software development, AI, Web 3.0, and digital transformation, Paulette is a leader and an Ambassador for Mission Impact in WEB3 and Metaverse. Recognized as 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2023, one of 100 global Tech | Web 3 Women leaders, she is a G100 Engineering Global Advisor council member, contributing to digital and technology advancement.

Paulette's forthcoming book, "She, DISRUPTS!" set for pre-release on November 30, 2023, promises to inspire. Join her in the #BeMedigitalinclusion program, aligned with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, as she strives to bring one million global majority women into STEM | AI | WEB3-related careers by 2030.