Akshata Kishore Moharir, Microsoft
Akshata Kishore Moharir
Senior data scientist

Senior Data Scientist( Lead) with over 12 years of experience in a variety of fields, including predictive modeling, Interpretable Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Prognostic & Health Management of aircraft, and data mining algorithms. I've worked in industries ranging from retail to aviation to education to transportation to climate change, and I've applied my skills to solve challenging business problems across all of them. I hold 7 granted US patents and one trade secret in the field of interpretable and interactive machine learning.

Currently, as a Senior data scientist at Microsoft, I'm focused on building machine learning models to support Xbox Supportability. My work has included developing customer profiles, automated support area paths, and leveraging GPT for case summarization to improve the advocate and customer experience.

In addition to my work at Microsoft, I've also served as an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where I taught Platforms for Big Data Processing. I've presented several technical papers and co-authored publications spanning a variety of applications, including Prognostic & Health Management of Aircrafts, Human interpretable ML, and Explainable AI. I've also co-authored many papers in various Machine Learning Conferences and Workshops such as WIML (Women in Machine Learning), AMSTAT (Women in Statistics and Data Science), and IEEE.