Scott White, Pragmatic Semiconductor
Scott White
Founder & Executive Director
Pragmatic Semiconductor

Scott White is an experienced serial entrepreneur, with Pragmatic Semiconductor being his sixth technology venture. He led the company as CEO for 12 years in the development of a unique flexible electronics platform able to connect everyday objects to the Internet of Everything, and is now focused on championing applications of this technology across key societal challenges including sustainability for the circular economy, ubiquitous healthcare, and national security. Scott is also an Advisor at venture fund Deeptech Labs, a member of the Bessemer Society Semiconductor Leadership Group, and sits on the UK Government’s Semiconductor Advisory Panel. Past successes span the fields of telecommunications, photonics, and machine learning, and he was named Deep Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2022 Enterprise Awards. Scott has lived and worked across the globe including Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the US and UK.